From the Managing Partner

Cihad Avcı

I have begun this journey in 2010 as a second-generation representative of our company, which has passed the thirty two year mark as of 2022. I have adapted my education and vision to the company values and started my journey to achieve more extensive goals in new markets and enjoy my job along the way.

We have the strength of universally acknowledged Turkish contracting quality as well as the product and service quality offered by nearly three hundred sub-sectors that give the biggest support to Turkish contractors. We try to show our differences from our rivals from many different nations in terms of our ethical values, quality and prices in the global contracting arena with this belief and motivation.

We followed innovations brought by technology and informatics in construction and engineering industries closely in order to succeed in the fields hospitality, healthcare, industrial, luxury residence and commercial building projects. We upgraded our labor and equipment force in line with these innovations and committed ourselves to offer the best and highest quality to our clients in our target industries.

We aim to develop and keep ourselves up-to-date with our all resources in order to offer the highest quality contracting services in foreign projects. Accordingly, we want to keep our competitive spirit, having the infrastructure, experience and equipment necessary to complete projects not only in specific countries and systems but in various countries and systems in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, through our resilient and strong organization.

My goal, as a second generation representative of the company, is to keep serving my company without compromising my sincerity and discipline and to leave the third generation a reputable company that does business peacefully and in high spirits without compromising from its company values or losing its excitement, that is able to follow the ever-changing global economic and political conjuncture to make risk analyses and complete its contracting projects every time.

Cihad AVCI
Managing Partner


AVCI GLOBAL is a pioneer specializing in engineering and construction services to international construction projects.

From the Managing Partner