Satellite Development Center

ASAL, Agence Spatiale Algérienne (Algerian Space Agency) The Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) is a national institution that develops space activities in Algeria. The ASAL-funded satellite development center includes a 31,849 m2 enclosed space construction site, infrastructure, landscaping, a perimeter road, and execution plans. The Satellite Development Center consists of two parts; Part A includes the administrative and technical units with a total enclosed construction area of 23,618 m2. It consists of an integration and testing building, an administrative building and conference center, a geodetic unit, a geomatics unit, a remote sensing unit, a UDS unit, an entry control building, infrastructure and road works, and landscaping. Part B includes the total closed construction area of 8,231 m2 which consists of 4 buildings with 40 apartments, villas and sports facilities.

Name of Project Satellite Development Center
City / Country ALGERIA / ALGERIA
Type of Project Administrative
Year 2017
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