Civil Works

Civil Works

Our suite of integrated construction services ensure the highest degree of quality, safety, efficiency and innovation on your projects.


Our construction teams have significant experience with all types of concrete and steel construction, making our co-workers invaluable in determining the most efficient, cost-effective way to build every detail of a project.

When you partner with AVCI GLOBAL, you not only get innovative solutions, you get our fully vested team and a commitment to doing things right. Our relentless focus on success leads to smarter, more collaborative building practices.

The frameworks provide a simple, compliant procurement route that delivers projects with precision and efficiency providing you with time, cost and quality assurance and inclusive social value from day one.

We assist private companies, developers working in partnership with local authorities, charitable bodies and any joint venture or special purpose vehicles for the delivery of developments and projects. Using our broad range of experience and expertise, we deliver value and certainty on civil engineering and construction projects.

Our construction services are broken down into two main service areas:

Our Construction Services are Broken Down Into Two Main
Service Areas

Core Construction

  • Structural excavation
  • Concrete formwork design and installation
  • Concrete reinforcement installation
  • Concrete placement and finishing


  • Specialty floors and concrete surface treatments
  • Repair and restoration
  • Architectural concrete